The Grand Blue 5 Star Sea View Hotel Resort


The 5 Star Hotel Resort and Residence Complex with leisure facilities, outdoor swimming pools and a marina with berths for tourist vessels. The hotel will be built with around 120 rooms, each will be in the first zone, and will incorporate a restaurant, function halls, and a hydrotherapy center/spa with pool and Pool House. The hotel’s operation by an internationally renowned hotel chain will ensure the highest quality of both the establishment and its visitors.

Within the second and third district, a minimal portion of land will be utilised for the creation of a select number of luxury residences, fully integrated into the natural landscape. The construction design follows the topography of the natural environment and ensures that it enhances it by subtlety blending in so well, that it is barely visible even from the sea.

Furthermore, the enhancement of the area’s natural wealth will create a network of green areas that are all public ally accessible.  In full respect of the island’s character, the project largely follows its unique architectural elements, whilst the Master Plan features the traditional materials – a cultural legacy from the Venetian period that beautifully links the past, the present and the future using this longstanding symbol of the island’s endurance.

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