we are

F&W supports experienced hoteliers, first-time buyers and sellers looking to sell or buy a hotel, hospitality or integrated tourism property. We are active members of numerous hospitality and real estate networks with strong business relationships and deep community involvement in our focus cities to stay connected, stay informed and be ready for the perfect opportunity for our clients.

A team of experts covering all facets of real estate investment and development for existing and new urban hotels, hospitality and integrated tourism complex projects. The task is to buy, built, sell profitable real estate projects. The F&W team is an all-in-one integrated real estate investment, development, sales solution.

F&W is an architecture, development, sales and investor relation management organisation based in Berlin with rep. offices in London and Miami. Our activities include the development and sales of Hotels, Holiday Estates, Hospitality Estates, Hotels and Resorts and integrated tourism complexes (ITC) – from A to Z, from the first planning idea to completion – and value-added sales.

But we are much more; In fact, we see ourselves less as a real estate agency and more as a people company. We go the extra mile for our business partners to create excellence with unique projects. There is always a special touch – regardless of whether it is a new building or a revitalized property. We believe that buildings are not just brick and mortar – they have individual character and soul for us.

We believe that great personalities with different mindsets make the difference.

We encourage a spirit of agility, speed and getting things done.

We create value for people and society by building strong and sustainable relationships.

From individual properties to urban integrated city and tourism districts – we reinvent places where people are the focus. Our development projects include the living, working, social, leisure, hospitality, housing and tourism clusters. They are USPs for new sustainability, technology and well-being solutions and shape the future of intelligent building. The global reach of our office gives us vision and expertise, our organizing partners give us insight and nuance that is refined locally – together they create successful value.

The little things will only be noticed by a few. We take care of them all – equally. With F&W, every interaction is exceptional every day, regardless of development class or region. We never stop looking for ways to create value for our customers and partners. From everyday activities to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Placemaking to programming.

Our investment partners help us to implement projects for customers. We serve a select group of global institutional and private investors who share our vision and value a partner with committed capital and a deep in-game presence. We offer our investors access to unique project developments and exceptional returns. Most of our investor partnerships started with a single investment and grew into strong teams over time. That tells us we’re doing it right.

Our project developments all have the same goal: to offer our investment partners solid financial and social returns. The committed, permanent capital of our investors helps us move quickly and means we are not bound by market conditions. We carry out careful and consistent risk analyzes and data-based decisions – out of conviction and understanding for the project developments, we accept the complex and do not shy away from it.